Wednesday, October 27, 2010

term 4 PI


  1. Sparking PI Libby it was very interesting and it kept us entertained for a long time but next time
    if someone asks you a question know how to answer it but other than that congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Interesting P.I. libs!!! The movie was very electrifing! Mabey you could speak a bit louder!

  3. That was the best scientific PI ever libby.we liked it how you added really good humour and good audience interaction but next time you should know the answers yourself because we thought that your dad was answering most of the questions but apart from that lightingly good job!!!!! :)

    luce, nat and grace

  4. Great PI. You made it very intresting,funny
    interactive and it had lots of voice. Maybe you could researched more so that you could answer the questions better and face the audeince when you talk.Other than that brilliant.

    Zia and Britt

  5. that was cool the movie was cool and funny but i think sometimes you talk to fast

  6. WOW! Cool P.I Libby
    I really liked the video
    Maybe next time you could use better fonts because we couldn't really read them.
    BUT other than GOOD JOB!
    KAte Kelly and Emma

  7. Cool, cool, cool!
    Fantastic! Awesome! Great!
    Don't know what else to say really.
    Apart from you could have talked a bit louder.
    But ELECTRIC job!

    By Madi, Soph and Sara

  8. great job Libby I loved your video it was really awesome you spoke clearly which was good and you spoke loud

    but next time maybe answered the questions your self because your dad mostly did but other than that it was good


  9. it was very interting but maybe next time you could put it on a word doc or google doc.

  10. cool pi libby ithought that you spoke clearly but next time show us some more pictures

  11. Great work libbygreat movie. Youneed to work on looking at paper.

  12. Well done Libby your movie was funny but you need to work on. Looking At the laptop or paper