Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Quiddage. A time where you can buy things. It is no normal market. Everything you need is in one place. Soup, Pool, Sling shot, Sherbet, Smootheeeeeeeeeeeese, magnets and sour cream (If only we'd opened!!!)

I take out about two hundred snidges for Quiddage each Friday. You DON'T want to miss out, trust me. In Quiddage, you can make yourself a routine; Soup, sherbet, pool, smoothies.

I now have three hundred and fifty snidges (QZealand money) in my bank account. It's not a lot, my business never opened.

I loved L@ Soupers. They had great service and great soup! Only the senior school does Quiddage, It originated in QZealand, but "Qmanawatu" started doing it too. I'm not too unhappy about this, it just proves what a good idea Quiddage is!

I'm proud to be a QZealander and know that I come from the place where the amazing Quiddage was born.

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  1. Cool Libby I really enjoyed it.
    What you did well: You put what you really liked about quiddage.
    What you did better next time: Put more of what you liked about it